Mayan Calendrics Testimonial

Fine design, well-based content and genuine information.
— Olga
August 20, 2007

In my on-going research into connections between the Mayan Calendar and world events I have found Peter Meyer's Mayan Calendrics software to be extremely valuable. I particularly like the wide variety of features that he's included. In addition to the basic capacity to convert Gregorian dates to Maya and Maya Long Count dates to Gregorian, the software includes a "Days since" feature, and the capacity to add and subtract numbers in order to identify dates that pertain to cycles of time. I have found these features to be extremely useful.

Included in the manual that accompanies the software are some excellent discussions pertaining to the nature of the Mayan calendar and key issues such as the correlation dilemma. In this regard Peter provides an excellent overview of the problematic nature of the Dreamspell system, which has prevented many from attending to the traditional "unbroken" calendrical day count that has been kept intact by the Guatemala Maya for thousands of years. Peter's default value of 584,283 (the Thompson correlation) is exactly "in synch" with this day count, and also includes the months of the Haab. For its accuracy and ease of use I highly recommend this software.

— Marguerite Paquin, PhD
Arts Paquin Mayaworks
January 20, 2005

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