Hermetic Systems Website-on-CD

Hermetic Systems Website-on-CD Almost the entire Hermetic Systems website as at May 5, 2014, is available on CD-ROM. This CD contains almost all the files in the current online version except for the free programs added in 2016 and a few web pages which require server-side processing. It contains all articles added during the 17-year period period from July 1997 to April 2014. Almost all links (other than links to external websites, of course) are to files on the CD so the Website-on-CD can be read without being online.

This CD-ROM also contains all the trial/demo versions of our Windows programs (as at May 13, 2014), so are immediately available without having to download them from this website. The user manuals for all these programs are also included on this CD-ROM, plus many articles concerning calendars, cryptography, computational science, archaeoastronomy, C/C++ programming and other topics. Click on this link to see the contents of the CD-ROM.

CD-ROM Search Program

For those with a PC running Windows, this CD includes a search program which enables you to search all web pages on the CD for any given word, or any word in a set of words, or all words in a set of words, or an exact phrase. The result is a report such as this one, showing the search terms in context. For further details see the user manual for this search program.

Note to Macintosh users: The search program will run on a Mac only if you have a Windows emulator or a dual-processor Mac which runs Windows XP. The HTML files themselves, however, can be read on a Mac using any web browser.

A copy of this CD-ROM can be purchased via PayPal or via Digital River. The price for a single copy is US$18.75 (about €17.75 or £14.95). This includes first-class (or airmail) postage to any address (which would otherwise add another $2-$5 to the price).

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For any questions about this CD-ROM feel free to contact us.

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