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WOW!!! Ask And You Shall Receive !!! I Requested That I Wished "Easy Graphics File Converter" Would Not Change The File Name To All Lower Case (Keep All As In Original) And They Had A new Version Available Within 2 Days !!! (E-mailed To Me, With A download Link.) This Is Fantastic !!! Thank You So Very Much !!! EXCELLENT Job !!!! I Am So Glad To Have Found This Program !!! I Work With Pictures A Lot. And One Time I Burned A Bunch Of Pictures To A Disc, Then Thinking I Was All Set DELETED THE PICTURES FROM MY SYSTEM. What Happened Was They Were ALL JPG Format (EXCEPT ONE Was GIF) When I Went To View This Disc On My Player (Portable DVD Player) It Got To The GIF File And Stopped, And Did Not Display Anything Else, Although There Were Still More Pictures On The Disc !!! Well After Figuring Out What Had Happened (My Player Would Only Display JPG Images) I Went In Search Of A Converter For Image Files And Found A Very Very Good, And Easy To Use Program Called "Easy Graphics File Converter". And Now When I Come Across A Picture That I Want To Use, That Is In A Different Format Other Than JPG, I Immediately Open My "Easy Graphics File Converter" & Convert It To JPG. And Now !!! With The New Version 6.17 The File Name Remains Unchanged After Conversion. This Is Important To Me. (I Think It Looks So Much Better To Have Each Word Begin With Upper Case Characters). A Good Update (FREE) To A Very Good Program !!!
— Michael Merrow, October 27, 2007

I found the Easy Graphics File Converter after an exhaustive Internet search for an easy to use batch converter for graphic files — out of the three different programs from three different companies that I found that I felt met my requirements, this one won hands down. The installation and licensing were extremely simple; the license agreement is short, concise, and very easy to read and understand; and most importantly, the user interface is simple, clean, and intuitive when it comes to actually using it. As an artist, I'm ALWAYS taking photographs and converting scanned images — finding this program has thrilled me to no end because at last I can convert images from one format to another in very large batches, rather than do it individually at an agonizingly slow pace. It saves me an immense amount of time, effort, and hard drive space, all of which I can now put to better use. Thanks for creating such a great program!
— Elena Martinez, April 9, 2007

I completed all the installation steps easily with zero effort on my part. The program first came up as a trial version and the activation window immediately opened and all steps worked perfectly for conversion to a full version. I have converted files from several media types, camcorder, files already on my computer, other graphic files and several types of bmp and jpg to other types and at several sizes, and a wide range of items. I do a lot of jewelry photography for my appraisal business and in a single day I sometimes snap, record or blend together up to 200 photos in a single session. I really like this new version.
— Mark Dobson, February 18, 2006

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