Hermetic Systems

Windows software to find all factors of numbers,
prime numbers and pairs of primes (and more)

1. Introduction

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Factorizer may be used to: In addition a "filter" condition may be set to allow examination of numbers with a constant offset from an arithmetical or a geometrical progression, e.g., just those numbers of the form 7*n - 12 or 10n + 2. Here is a typical screenshot:

Factorizer screenshot

The text in the output window can be edited, so you can remove unwanted output and add your own comments before copying to the clipboard for transfer to another program such as a text editor.

Examples of the use of the program are given below, first without a filter condition in effect, then with various filters in effect.

Following accepted mathematical convention, the number 1 is not held to be a prime number.

The remainder of the user manual is in the following sections:

  1. Operation Without Filter Condition
    1. Factor all numbers in a certain range
    2. Display prime numbers only
    3. Count prime numbers only
    4. Display prime pairs only
    5. Display all factors of numbers
  2. Operation With Filter Condition
  3. Palmen Colors
  4. Plotting the Palmen Color Frequencies
  5. Plotting the Prime Factor Frequencies
  6. Plotting the Erdös-Kac histograms
  7. Saving graph images

Trial version: A copy of the Factorizer software is available for free download from this website for the purpose of evaluation. Click on the following link for further information:

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