Hermetic Systems

Windows software for word and phrase counting,
solar and lunar calendar conversion, and more

The software described on this website runs on Windows desktops and laptops (including Win11) and also on Macs with an emulator. For each program below, clicking on the title takes you to a page with a screenshot and a description of what it does and what it is for. This software was formerly available only after payment for a user license. It has now been converted to freeware. The titles of the programs are:

Prime FactorsHermetic Word Frequency Counter
Easy Date ConverterHermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced
BCE‑BC‑AD‑CE ConverterEquinoxes, Solstices and Cross‑Quarter Days
MD5 File ComparisonPhrase Frequency Counter Advanced
Date‑Time CalculatorEclipses, Moon Phases and Seasons
Celtic Festival DatesJulian‑Gregorian‑Dee Date Calculator
Search KWIK ConcordanceLunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder
Cryptosystem ME6The Chinese Calendar: Dates of New Years, Dark Moons and Solar Terms

Peter J. Meyer is the author of this software and website. He welcomes comments, which may be sent to support@hermetic.ch

You can read the description and user manual for each program by clicking on its title (below).  Please see the User License Terms.

This website also has many articles about calendars; see Calendars Old and New.